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Is your mole cancerous? Check your skin for melanoma risk online!

Artificial intelligence based skin lesions photo recognition system

Upload your mole photo and get the result of melanoma test online

Photo requirements: Set the camera straight above the spot with no angle. Adopt zooming so that skin lesion should occupy not less than 80% of the white-bordered square. You can change zooming by moving the scroll underneath the photo.
Photo should be taken at the daylight conditions. Flash is forbidden.
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Seborrhoeic Keratosis
Other disease

Nerstech llc proposes a new convolutional neural network based melanoma photo recognition system. Online version is available at Up from now every user can test his skin for melanoma risk online for free.

Nerstech lls invites clinics and hospitals all over the world to make joint research in the field of automated medical images analysis.

Nerstech llc is ready to cooperate with hospitals, clinics, medical organizations and associations to create automated artificial intelligence based hardware and software solutions for real-time medical photo and video data processing (MRT, Ultrasound Imaging, Computer tomography imaging, X-ray imaging). Our service provides integration to a telemedicine systems.

Together we can force the artificial intelligence technologies to take care of human race's health!